Outrage After Transgender Teen Charged

“Members of the LGBT community and their allies are expressing outrage after a Bay Area transgender teenager was charged with battery after defending herself during a schoolyard fight two months ago.

Jewlyes Gutierrez, a 16-year-old sophomore at Hercules Middle/High School, was charged January 8 with battery by the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office after an investigation into the November incident. Three girls who allegedly attacked her, meanwhile, have not been charged.”

Read More Here:  http://www.edgeptown.com/index.php?ch=news&sc=&sc2=news&sc3=&id=154284

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Is there a term that is preferred to “transgendered”?

Transgender article by Dan Savage.

Read More Here:    http://www.straight.com/life/561351/there-term-preferred-transgendered

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Transgender Issues Follow Path Blazed By Gay Rights

“It may have been “the gayest year ever,” as some gay and lesbian activists put it 2013 saw the Defense of Marriage Act struck down by the Supreme Court and the number of states offering marriage rights to same-sex couples doubled, to a total of 18.

But as 2014 begins, another issue is gaining traction: transgender rights.”

Read More Here:  http://www.gpb.org/news/2014/01/04/transgender-issues-follow-path-blazed-by-gay-rights

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California Schools Prepare For Transgender Rights Law

California transgender Rights law…


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Does This Shoe Come In A Size 16?



Don’t mess with a crossdresser wearing these shoes.

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Right Wing Coalition Targeting Transgender Youth Protections


“Transgender students in California are facing what could be their final obstacle before being granted basic protections in the state’s public schools.”

Read More Here:    http://www.edgesanfrancisco.com/index.php?ch=news&sc=&sc2=news&sc3=&id=153054


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Transgender People Are NOT Mentally Ill

Transgender people are not mentally ill.



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New To CrossDressing How-To Article

This is one crossdresser’s guide to going out in public for the first time as a cross-dresser.


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Funny, But True, Pic



“Crossdressing is relative.”  Albert Einstein seems to think so!  :)

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Just A Thought…

Is it just me or does the credit reporting agency called “TransUnion” sound like a bank for trannies? haha

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So Many Things Are Wrong With This

1. My wife would kill me.
2. If we had a 3-way, the other person would run screaming out the door.
3. I couldn’t where shoes. Maybe sandals.
4. We’d have to buy new sheets.
5. I’d finally win a fight with my cat.


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Transgender Victoria’s Secret Model?

Transgender model Carmen Carrera wants to be the first transgender Victoria’s Secret model.

Read More Here:    http://www.cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/showbiz/2013/11/13/sbt-transgender-victorias-secret-show.cnn.html

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Our Crossdresser App For Android Devices!

We’ve added an app for doing your crossdresser browsing or shopping on your Android device!  Pretty nifty!


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